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How to Use RC Model Airplane Gasoline Engine?

The use the RC model airplane gasoline engine is mainly express in the check before starting and during starting. You may also do some adjustments on the engine with different statuses. Starting is dividing into two kinds: one is the hand starting and another is the starter starting. Following we will learn about the hand starting.

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The basic steps for hand starting:

1. Oil absorption

Close the CDI power supply and ventilation door; open more than half of the throttle and to dial the paddle for several times, once there is oil entered into the carburetor you should also to dial the paddle for twice, so that to make the oil sucked into the carburetor and spray to the cylinder.

2. The first explode

Open the CDI power supply and keep the ventilation door in closing, open more than half of the throttle and to dial the paddle for several times, once you hear a voice of explode, you should stop to dial it, at that time, the airplane hobby engine is able to work from now.

3. Starting

Keep the CDI power supply working on, open the ventilation door, and put the remote control throttle lever at low to one to two level and stay in high speed idle position, quickly dial the oar for two or three times, the engine can be start smooth.

The hand starting skills:

1. Dial the oar at the center position, to make the oars can have a good force; what's more, it can also help the RC gasoline engine to obtain the highest speed when the output shaft runs through the ignition point.

2. Use the wrist power appropriately, you can hook back your hand when the output shaft turned the ignition point, and to prevent the engine start especially for large throttle starts the blade cut to your hand.

Notes for hand starting:

1. You should check in advance whether it is smooth on the front and back, or edge of the paddle. A lot of nylon paddle has a rough or sharp surface which will scratch your finger during using.

2. You should be careful to check every dial on the CDI power supply, ventilation door, throttle, and to avoid the accelerator suddenly starts off.

Oil machine engine inspection before departure
1. Idle for 30-50 seconds, to preheat the engine lubrication.
2. High-speed for 35 seconds
3. Flash oil for three to five times

Do you have any other methods? Feel free to share with us.

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